Bäume™ Technology

We wanted to create trees that look identical to actual fir and pine trees. For this, we studied the appearance, structure and characteristics of fir and pine trees. After numerous trials and comparisons, our German designers have finally perfected the technology for creating beautiful, dense and realistic Christmas Trees. 

Here’s why Bäume™ Technology is so beneficial!

1. Denser Christmas Trees

Our trees are all made consistently the same way – Dense. You no longer have to worry about having thin trees or awkward holes that can ruin the whole aesthetic of your Christmas Tree. 

2. Hyper Realistic Christmas Trees

We analysed the appearance of real fir trees and replicated them. From the structure of the tree to the appearance of the branches and leaves, every last detail is meticulously designed to create the most realistic tree.

3. Easy Set Up

Apart from its appearance, we wanted our trees to also be practical. While considering the angle of how a tree branches out, we hinged our branches to a sturdy centre structure. This way, our trees’ branches open up simply by flipping it upright, making it easy for set up. 

Find out how to set up our Christmas Trees.

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You’ve read what makes our trees special. Now it’s time to get your own hyper realistic Christmas Tree from our Christmas Collection.