How to set up my christmas tree

Thank you for purchasing a Christmas tree from us! Now, the fun part.. Setting up! As promised, setting up our Christmas tree can be a fun activity for you and your family. However, please do it carefully, especially if you have young children around.

Your package should contain:

  • 3 Christmas Tree portions – these are various parts of the Christmas Tree and should be in 3 varying sizes, from small to large.
  • 1 iron base stand with a set of 3 screws – this will form the base of the Christmas tree.

Once you have checked that you have these components, you can proceed to fix your Christmas Tree. You can complete your Christmas Tree in these 3 simple steps!

1. Form the Christmas Tree base

  • Form an ‘X’ shape with the iron base stand and align the holes meant for fitting in the screws.


  • Place a screw into each hole and screw them in partially. This is to maintain the shape of the iron base stand. Screwing them in totally would prevent the large portion of the tree to fit.

2. Put the Christmas Tree Together

  • Our Christmas Trees have unique branches hinged to its solid centre structure. Without needing to manually pull and bend the branches out, the Christmas Tree components automatically fall into shape when placed upright.
  • Place the Christmas Tree portions upright and fix them into the base according to their sizes – Large, Medium, Small, accordingly.

3. Shape the Christmas Tree

  • Your Christmas Tree is now completed! Add the finishing touches by spreading out the mini branches to give it a better looking shape.


Hope you had fun setting up your Christmas Tree! If you have any trouble or questions regarding set up, feel free to contact us or visit us at our showroom.

Now, you can have fun decorating your Christmas Tree, another fun activity to do with your loved ones. Shop our Christmas collection if you are still missing any Christmas decorations.