Delivery Info 

Where do we deliver?

Christmas Delivery Singapore ships our products to all addresses in Singapore except for restricted locations such as Army Camps, Tuas, Jurong Island, and Sentosa. These locations require an additional 40 SGD surcharge. If you would like to enquire on whether your location is regarded as a restricted location, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How are our deliveries done?

Our orders are fulfilled by a third party logistics company that we have teamed up with since our inception. Our logistic partners are extremely reliable and experienced in delivering and assembling all sorts of items.


IMPORTANT – What must I do when making an order?

Please ensure that your address has an accessible elevator that can accommodate to the dimensions of the item that you have purchased. Please also ensure that there is someone to receive the items upon the arrival of our delivery team. Goods delivered that cannot fit into a particular entryway, or have to be carried up staircases, or are not able to be received due to the buyer or representative of buyer not being present will be regarded as a failed delivery. During such a situation, there are 3 outcomes you can choose:

  • We mark this order as a cancelled order. We will refund you your order less 50 SGD. Therefore, if your order is 200 SGD, we will refund you only 150 SGD. If your order is less than 50 SGD, you will not be refunded.
  • Negotiate directly with the drivers if they wish to dismantle the goods, bring it to your space, and assemble it again. This process usually takes 2 to 3 hours and the drivers have the right to decline your offer. Should they accept the offer, please negotiate directly with them for a suitable monetary compensation.
  • RECOMMENDED: We leave it at the nearest accessible place while the customer makes his or her own arrangements

Please note that there is a charge of 20 SGD per flight of stairs should our driver be required to carry your order up the stairs. For example, if there is 2 flight of stairs from the first storey to the second, it would cost you 40 SGD.

Our delivery time for all furniture is before 6 pm . For other smaller items, you may select the time slots of 10 am to 5 pm, 5 pm to 10 pm, or 10 am to 10 pm. Please read below for the shipping rates for the previously mentioned time slots. We provide deliveries on all days except Sundays and Public Holidays.


Will my delivery be postponed?

This rarely happens. But accidents do occur whereby our third party logistic partners damage your item while on delivery. During such cases, we will postpone your delivery to the earliest possible date.


How much is delivery?

Delivery and assembly is free for all orders above S$150.00 in a single purchase. Otherwise, delivery is S$10.00 per location.


Will Christmas Delivery cancel my order?

We may cancel an order and provide you a full refund if:

  • Your purchased item is out of stock
  • You cannot accept our allocated delivery date to you
  • The delivery destination poses safety risk to our drivers (you will only be refunded 80% of your order as this is regarded as a failed delivery due to customer negligence)